Friday, 12 April 2019

Martime Museum Trip comments

Maritime Museum Trip

On Tuesday 12th March 2019 we went to the Maritime Museum in Viaduct Harbour. First we were divided into four groups with Kevin’s, Elaine’s, Jackie’s and Diana’s. I was in Elaine’s group and she had a Mazda van. We went in Sommerville vans and the staff cars as well. I went with my 2nd class teacher Elaine, teacher aides Shirani and Naki and classmates Jordan, Blake, Thiha, Amaziah, Alex, Joel N, Fionn, Thiha and Tiana.

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When we got there, we had our morning tea. After morning tea we watched a movie and had a look around  there. I saw the sailing boat and the maps of New Zealand and Australia. 

After lunch we went on a ferry ride to Ports of Auckland, the Harbour Bridge, Westhaven Marina, Fish Market, ASB office and Viaduct Harbour. I saw the views of Auckland City, Eastern areas, Devonport, Mt Eden, North Head, Westhaven Marina and North Shore when we were on a ferry. One of the crew spoke to us about our tours. I didn’t feel sick after our trip.


We left there at 1.45pm. We walked back to the carpark past the ANZ Events Centre, Fish Market, playground and restaurants. We saw all the boats at the bridge.  

My favourite thing is the ferry ride.

We went back to school at 2.15pm so we can go home in the taxis at 2.30pm.

In the afternoon I told my support worker Auntie Venessa, her husband Uncle Grahame and our friend Uncle Ron about our trip. They said to me that I had a very busy day.

I enjoyed going out on the school trip.

Ballet In a box comments

On Tuesday 9th April 2019 we went to see the Ballet at Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau.

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When we got to school in the morning, we saw all the people were going there. Then we were divided into four groups with Kevin’s, Diana’s, Jackie’s and Elaine’s. I was in Kevin’s group and he had a Ford Transit White-Sommerville van. I went with my 1st class teacher Kevin, teacher aide Shirani and some of the students. I can’t remember about the names of students.

We counted all the staff and students when we arrived there. Everyone was all safe there.

We had lunch outside of the shed. It was very hot for us. We saw Riverhills, Glendowie, Sunnydede Special School, Wilson School and the other schools at the theatre.

First at 12.30pm the lady said welcoming everyone to us. Then all the ballerinas were dancing and fighting in the dance. It wasn’t scary for us.

At the last show they all cool down for dancing. Then she said about we are most welcome to say hello. We introduced to ourselves to them. I had a short chat and wished a Happy Easter to them. We had a photos taken with them. I wasn’t shy to them.

Then we went back to school at 2pm, so we can go home in the taxis at 2.25pm.

In the afternoon I told my support worker Auntie Venessa and our friend Auntie Kathy about our trip. It was at Auntie Kathy’s house in Bucklands Beach. They said to me that I had a very busy afternoon.

I enjoyed going on the school trip very much.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Students Profile

Student Profile

Name: Andrew

Age:  16 Years Old

Sex: Male

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I live in Half Moon Bay.

It is a nice place to live because it has nice walkways, a ferry and park.

I have attended Sommerville Satellite Class at Edgewater College since February 2017.  

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I have black hair and brown eyes. I’m 106 cm tall.

I have a speech problem that makes it hard for to speak clearly.

My Mum and Dad come from Malaysia.
My brother, sister and I were born in Auckland, New Zealand.
My Mum and Dad came to Auckland in January 2002.
I was born at Middlemore Hospital in 2003.

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My hobbies are emailing Sommerville Staff, Auntie Venessa and her friends.
Going for walks and bike rides.

I like watching Browns Bay agent Lily on Barfoot and Thompson-Talking About The Room on Freeview 28.
I also like using Flybuys and Onecard at the shops to collect the points.

I like buying the prize at $2 Shop for my special treat.
I enjoy collecting the dockets from the shops, saying hello to Auntie Venessa, her family and our friends when I am out and about.


In the summer holidays I look at the TV Programmes and Google Maps
I’m good at talking to the peoples and writing paragraphs in my story. I am also good at riding my bike and walking. I can walk straight with good back posture.

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At school I sometimes need help with the work if I don’t know what to do.

This year I want to:

Go to an Edgewater Mainstream Class
Meet Principal and all of the Edgewater Deputy Principals
Do the Recycling Job

Keep in Touch with the news and radio presenters.

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My personal goals include:

Going for a walk from Glendowie to St Heliers.

Visiting Bucklands Beach Primary School on Clovelly Rd to meet the principal Kelly and Diana the Board of Trustees member with Auntie Venessa    Image result for bucklands beach primary school

Meeting the Enliven staff and emailing them

Pretending to be an Air New Zealand Flight Attendant  

I would like to visit the newsroom at TVNZ, Mediaworks and The Project.   
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I want to making a Latino music CD Album

I want to live in an apartment at Glendowie when I am older..

I want to drive an orange Honda Jazz Hybrid car when I’m 21 years old.

One Day I would like to fly to Queensland in Australia with my family.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Paragraghs Writing about Bucklands Beach

On Tuesday 27th November 2018 in the afternoon, Auntie Venessa took me for a walk from Bucklands Beach Primary School to Tides Kitchen on Devon Rd. I took the photos of Bucklands Beach, Back of Pigeon Mountain, Half Moon Bay and Glendowie on my phone.

Tides Kitchen is a restaurant. They sell Indian foods, European foods, Fish and Chips and Ice Cream there. We went there to have a look.

When we were walking, we saw Uncle Grahame riding his bike around Bucklands Beach Waterfront Motel. We said hello to him. Auntie Venessa took a photo of me and him there on my phone. 

We wanted to go for a walk so we can get fit.

After that we parked her car at Waller Ave off Clovelly Rd. Because I like seeing the views. I enjoyed going for a walk there on that afternoon very much.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Paragraghs Writing about Sylvia Park

On Friday 23rd November 2018 we went to Hannahs, Supre and Pak n Save in Sylvia Park. We got $100 gift card at the information centre. Because it was a Black Friday special.

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We saw my Mum’s friend Auntie Sharon near Zara. We said hello to her and she said hello to us there. She work at Barfoot and Thompson in Glenfield.

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We had a look at Supre and Hannahs. We bought  a new white jean to my sister at Supre. We brought the groceries at Pak n Save on the way back. 

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We went there around 8pm. We left there 9.30pm. It was almost sunset at the train station. 

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We saw lots of people doing the Black Friday shopping at the mall. Because they wanted to do some Christmas Shopping there.

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We parked the car at Westpac and Pak n Save car park. It was very busy to got there.

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I enjoyed going there on that night very much.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Paragraghs Writing about Christmas

On Friday 16th November 2018 we set up the Christmas Tree in the evening. We put the decorations and coloured lights on the tree. We also put the laser lights outside.

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Now I’m listening to Christmas songs on the Youtube and Coast radio. My best singer is Andy Williams. Those songs make me happy.

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We listen to Coast Love the Christmas 2016 CD in Auntie Venessa’s new car. We danced and sang the songs. We were happy about that on Thursday 22nd November 2018 in the afternoon.

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We have started to do some Christmas shopping at Botany since Thursday 8th November 2018.

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I might choose the rewards from Flybuys with my Dad before Christmas.

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I’m excited to do those things.